About Us

Raa One Business Online Private Limited (in short Raa One ) was Ideated in April 2015 and incorporated as a Private Limited Company at Chennai on 22nd Dec 2015

Raa One is a technology driven start-up company, with a well designed disruptive, multi sided e-market trading platform, displaying products and services from many sellers from different sectors on one platform .The Platform provides buyers and sellers tools and services that can ease the trading process and constantly monitor their business transactions .It also provides secured online payment and supplies a legal framework that authenticates both ends of the transaction.

Platform & Customer Segment

  • The Platform supports B2B (Business to Business) , B2C ( Business to Consumer ) , S2B ( Service to Business) and S2C ( Service to Consumer).

  • It is scheduled to launch with the B2B and S2B segment providing connect between i.e.

    • Wholesale to Wholesale
    • Wholesale to Retail
    • Services to Retail
    • Services to Wholesale
  • B2C (Business to Consumer ) , S2C ( Service to Consumer) in Retail and Service trades will follow subsequently.
  • The whole sale platform ( B2B & S2B ) has been designed to support 15 Major Verticals

    • Apparel,Textile and Accessories
    • Auto & Transportation
    • Electronics
    • Machinery,Industrial parts & Tools
    • Gifts, Sports & Toys
    • Home,Lights & Construction
    • Health and Beauty
    • Bags, Shoes and Fashion Accessories
    • Electrical Equipment ,Components and Telecom
    • Agriculture & Food
    • Packaging , Advertising & Office needs
    • Metallurgy , Chemical & Plastics
    • Organic
    • Products by NGO
    • And Everything else
  • Below these Major Verticals it is designed to support 25 Sub verticals and 994 Sibling verticals.

A roll out of 24 Micro online classified websites is planned with 3 months of launch of Raa One which will augment the main website to engage user interaction and funnel the user to the main website. These will be classifieds site where users will submit ads for free for buying and selling. Eg OLX , Magic Bricks, car wale etc .

Transactions on these micro online classified websites are not necessarily integrated to the Raa One platform, letting sellers and buyers decide how they want to conclude the transaction, either with Raa One’s payment gateway or whatever suits them best.