These general Terms and Conditions are applicable to every Buyer and Seller who is registered with Raa One. These terms and conditions have evolved from the general experience and essential regulations needed in the market place which helps in building and growing our businesses. Trust and transparency makes business transactions easy and fast, leading to greater sales volumes and good cash flow. Good Business Practices can lead to an environment where your Business relationships and volumes can grow stronger and faster.

We solicit your total involvement in maintaining the Business ethics on this portal through timely decisions and actions, ensuring the quality of your products and services that you provide. Every care has been taken to ensure that the parties in trade are mutually benefitted and grow together.

Progress can take place only through continuous improvement of a product or service. In this regard, we seek your active feedback through suggestions that may help improve the quality of our service, thereby benefiting all who are using this. As a matter of discipline for our own good, we list below some terms and conditions (Not Exhaustive) that will have to be adhered to by our Buyers and Sellers on the portal. In the interest all the stakeholders, including those transacting over the portal, the decision of the Company – Raa One Business Online will be final.

Participant: SELLER


Portal’s regulations

When Seller does not respond to Buyer on Chat.

Portal will monitor and necessary actions will be initiated by Admin.

No order getting finalized, even though Chat conversation is being done.

Portal will monitor and necessary action will be initiated, including debarring the respective buyer and seller.

Order is made but Proforma is not being sent on Buyer’s request.

If this happens even once, Seller and buyer to be debarred.

Goods are not being dispatched, in spite of communications by the Buyer and the Portal Admin

If this happens even once, Seller to be debarred.

Goods dispatched not as per order, as per committed delivery and in quality and quantity.

Chronic, more than twice in 5 orders, Seller to be debarred

Goods getting rejected on quality issues

If this happens even once in three orders, Seller to be debarred.

In case of any dispute, for reasons attributable to the Seller and is not resolved by the Seller, the payment made by the Buyer will be refunded to him.

The concerned Seller account will be debited an amount of Rs. 500/- or 1% of transaction value, whichever is more. Any further Business can be done only on payment of this amount.

Participant: BUYERS


Portal’s regulations


No response to Seller on Chat

Portal will monitor and necessary action will be initiated by Admin.

No order getting finalized even though Chat is being done

Portal will monitor and necessary action will be initiated, including debarring the respective buyer and seller.

Order is being made, but Buyer not requesting Seller for Proforma Invoice, even though followed up by Seller and Portal Admin.

If this happens even once, Buyer to be debarred.

Payment not made against a Proforma Invoice.

Admin will investigate and necessary action will be taken against the Buyer and Seller.

Payments – Buyer’s Cheque getting bounced.

Buyer to pay by NEFT / RTGS within 2 days.

Additional Rs.1000/- to be paid by Buyer.

Disputes resolution- Not providing documentation required by the Seller or not participating in the same

Seller to be paid his dues. Buyer to be debarred.